You smile and turn away.
You giggle and laugh.
You coo and babble.
You teach me how to express myself.

You track with your eyes.
You put things in your mouth.
You feel with your hands.
You teach me how to explore the world.

You hold and throw your toys.
You jump up and down.
You sit up and try to crawl.
You teach me how to enjoy every moment.

You hold me close.
You grab my finger.
You fall asleep in my arms.
You teach me how to feel safe.

You look at me and gaze into my eyes.
You holler for me when I’m not there.
You know I will always protect you.
You teach me how to love.

Dearest Baby.
You are my greatest teacher.
I love you so much.

It’s so hard.
My eyes are heavy.
My arms are tired.
I love you so much.

Your life is on repeat.
Eat, diaper, play, sleep.
Without a break.
I love you so much.

I haven’t showered.
I pee when I can.
I’m still constipated.
I love you so much.

I sleep when I can.
Never a deep sleep.
Just short naps.
I love you so much.

At 3am I look at you.
Sleeping peacefully.
Having sweet dreams.
I love you so much.

Your smile and joy.
Pure and real.
I smile back with joy.
I love you so much.

My Dear Baby.
This new life is hard.
But you are so worth it.
I love you so much.

Tips on how to deliver feedback with confidence

Photo by Keiko Tokuda

Learning how to give feedback is an essential skill to succeed in today’s workforce.

Many companies are focused on building open feedback cultures, meaning every employee is expected to provide feedback to their peers, colleagues, and even their boss. As a manager, you’re required to give constant feedback to your team members.

So how do you get good at giving constructive feedback? And how can you do it without feeling like a bad person every time?

I’ve learned that giving meaningful feedback can be tough and takes intentional practice, but when done well, it can truly be a gift to…

3 Easy Ways to Get Constructive Feedback Immediately.

Do you feel like you’re not getting enough constructive feedback? Everything is always fine, good, great. But what you really want is feedback that gives you insight into the skills that you’re lacking, or where to focus your attention if you want to move up. You know you need more developmental guidance and direction that helps you achieve your career goals.

The great news is you don’t have to wait around for your busy manager to give you this feedback. …

You’ll thank me when you do

Photo by Keiko Tokuda

It’s natural for anyone to feel vulnerable when asking for help in the workplace. You’re afraid that people will judge you or you’ll feel rejected when no one wants to help you.

But if you push past those fears, you’ll realize a world of people willing to help and see you succeed. You’ll also start to view your ability to ask for help as a strength — a sign of your resourcefulness and creativity — as opposed to a weakness and drain on others.

I learned how to ask for help and it’s been critical to my success as a…

And the end result can be quite different, so choose wisely.

Photo by Keiko Tokuda

This is the first article in a series about coaching and becoming a great leader, based on my first-hand experiences as a marketing leader and coach. You can follow me on LinkedIn:

After working 15 years in various marketing and leadership roles, I recently decided to explore a new career path of coaching people. As I’ve started embarking on my coaching journey, it’s become apparent to me that most people don’t know what a professional coach does. It can be confusing because people often use the terms “mentor” and “coach” interchangeably.

Both mentors and coaches play an influential role…

Keiko Tokuda

Executive coach. Marketing leader. New mom. Helping people take bold steps to do what they really want to. Living life with purpose, on purpose.

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